I received a newsletter from the NC Libertarian Party this afternoon, regarding a lawsuit they have pending against the NC State Board of Elections. It reads in part:

Our lawsuit has been filed! Wednesday afternoon, the Libertarian Party of NC filed suit against the NC State Board of Elections and the local boards in Forsyth and Mecklenburg Counties. We anticipate our request for a temporary restraining order to prevent our candidates in Charlotte and Winston-Salem from being taken off the ballot will be heard in the next couple days.

I’m excited about our lawsuit! Our argument is very simple. North Carolina has two sets of elections laws, one for Democrats and Republicans and another for everybody else. That cannot be allowed to continue under the NC Constitution. Our main goals are to eliminate the excessively high signature requirement to get on the ballot and the retention requirement to stay on it. But we are also asking the court to strike down all other laws which give Democrats and Republicans special privileges over other voters. Here are just a few examples:

* Only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to be appointed to the State and County Boards of Elections.
* Only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to select precinct officials at the polls.
* Only Democrats and Republicans are given a guarantee for public space for their conventions and other meetings.
* Only Democrats and Republicans are allowed to have their candidates listed at the top of the ballot.
This is not your typical ballot access lawsuit. For the first time, the entire basis of our election law will be under scrutiny. What we have now is a system that is run by and for the benefit of two political parties. What we need, and what is demanded under the NC Constitution, is a system where political parties only serve to help all voters participate fully in our elections.

This seems a little Orwellian to me (i.e. Animal Farm). The rules should apply to all, or to none. Pretty basic stuff, don’t you think?

For more information, visit their website.