A fellow member of the Nation of Riflemen has invited me to attend the Revolutionary War Veterans Association WW2 Sniper School today in Ramseur, NC. I’m very excited about going. I’ve been shooting twice before; once to an indoor range with my son where I was shooting a 9mm pistol (a rental, I couldn’t tell you any more about it than that), and the second time when my son and I went to Richmond, VA to meet with some fellow NoR folks and spent the day on the rifle range. Today looks like a great opportunity for me to learn more about the mechanics of shooting, and maybe give the Gun Guy a reason to do the Happy Dance.

In preparation, I’ve borrowed my nephew’s 10/22 with extra 25-round magazine and purchased 1000 rounds of .22LR (to add to the 850 rounds I already have at the house – I like to have enough to share). My mentor at the RWVA has offered to let me fire his AR15 while I’m there, so I also bought the LAST 150 ROUNDS of .223 in Lee County. I’ll stop on the way out of town to stock the cooler with some water and munchies, and should make it to the range by 8:30 no problem.

I’l file a range report when I get home.