GWB has had the dubious privilege of nominating not just one, but two, justices to the Supreme Court, both within this calendar year. And to up the ante, one of the nominations was for Chief Justice. There are some (on both sides of the aisle) who vehemently disagree with his nominations, for oh-so-many reasons. Then there are others who seem to realize that it doesn’t matter who is on the Supreme Court.

The bottom line is this: the Supreme Court (or any other branch, department, division, or agency of the government) only has as much power as We, The People allow them to have. They can legislate, arbitrate, and regulate to their hearts’ content … We, The People don’t have to listen.

In his October 7, 2005 Rant, The Gun Guy says:

To put it bluntly, the Constitution doesn’t mean what they think it means—it means what we think it means.

Our Constitution has always been a document of the people: it’s right out there for us to read, to interpret, and to amend if we want. It’s not the Holy Script, hidden away in some Ark, to be perused and interpreted only by some unelected High Priests. It’s our document, and we know exactly what it means, thank you.

So Presidents may come and go, and nominate this person and that person to the Court, and their nominees can put on their black robes and make all the legalistic contortions they want to justify their positions; that’s the process.

But if I don’t think their judgements are in line with the Constitution, I’ll simply ignore them all.

Well said, Gun Guy. After Kelo, I’m inclined to agree.