Thanks to all who put on the uniform to defend the freedom I enjoy daily. A grateful nation honors you today.

Special Thanks To:

Charles W. Buckius, Sr.: US Marine Corp (WWII)
John E. Langton: US Army (Korea)
Robert W. Blackburn [1937 – 1998]: US Air Force I miss you, Daddy
Robert Fawcett: US Air Force (Retired)
Edward W. Murphy [1950 – 1994]: US Navy (Vietnam Era)
Our children would make you proud, Ed
Capt. Jennifer McQueen Ash, US Marine Corp (Currently serving)
Sgt. Fred Sherrick, US Army (Currently serving)
Jean A. Murphy: US Army (Recruit-2005) That’s my girl!

Thanks also to: Mac Swicegood, Jeff Porter, Frank Gillespie, Don Alford, Johnny Kennedy, Brian Roof, Jeff Tobin, Bob Buckius, Brian Winkle, Pat Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Chris Fawcett, C.J. Ash, Scott Smith, Steven Riddle, Billy Letke, and all the other men and women who served or are serving.

Recommended Reading: The Story of the Unknown Soldier (Posted by Simon Chappell at Upright and Breathing).