1. Scientists are working on a pill that could make straight hair curly. Why?
  2. Why is the Men’s department usually on the first floor right by the door?
  3. Sometimes it is satisfying sitting in silence not knowing what somebody is thinking.
  4. I think; therefore, I worry.
  5. In order to be smart you have to allow for the possibility that you don’t know everything.
  6. I prefer to think of my grey hairs as “extra blonde”.
  7. Try to give your kids everything they need not everything they want.
  8. I find it amusing that women spend so much time trying to look good before going out. Then they get mad if their boyfriend or husband notices a pretty girl.
  9. Low carb diet? No Bread, No Pasta, No Potatoes? You might as well take me now, Lord.
  10. Life isn’t fair, but you should try to be.
  11. If it was easy, what would they need you for?
  12. Sometimes I say controversial things just for fun.
  13. I have 11 friends. Just not all at the same time.
  14. Going to the doctor is fine. For other people.
  15. How are the states going to cope financially if everyone stops smoking?
  16. You can teach someone to act like a leader but not to actually be one.
  17. Self confidence comes from within.
  18. Did you know a lady invented the dish washer? And I don’t mean the manual kind.
  19. Guys aren’t always jerks when you give them your phone number and they don’t call. Sometimes it’s the washing machine’s fault.
  20. I hate that there is a seat belt law. I always wore seat belts but it bothers me that they took my free choice away.
  21. Why aren’t speed limits set to a speed that a reasonable person would drive on any given road? That way everybody wouldn’t have to break the law every day.
  22. Everybody, start using your blinkers.
  23. Can you get a Coors Light in Busch Stadium? Or a Bud in Coors Field?
  24. I would rather be taught by someone that actually performed the task before becoming a teacher or trainer.
  25. I hope my ship comes in before the dock rots.