E Pluribus Unum – One Out of Many. That’s our Motto. It’s on our money, for pity’s sake. But lately, we’ve discarded the “melting pot” tradition of America in favor of “multiculturalism”. I think this is a bad idea. So does Jewish writer Burt Prelutsky, who in this week’s column tries to understand the current trend of removing Christianity from Christmas, at least in public.

How is it, one well might ask, that in a Christian nation this is happening? And in case you find that designation objectionable, would you deny that India is a Hindu country, that Pakistan is Muslim, that Poland is Catholic? That doesn’t mean those nations are theocracies. But when the overwhelming majority of a country’s population is of one religion, and roughly 90 percent of Americans happen to be one sort of Christian or another, only a damn fool would deny the obvious.

Burt blames the Jews. That is to say, he blames the ACLU, which is run and financed by a largely Jewish base. And he likes it not one bit. But it goes further than that; now the Christian churches are getting in on the act. Watching the NBC network news this morning, I learned that President Bush is taking heat from the Catholic Church because the “official” greeting cards sent out by the White House this year refer to the “holiday season” with out specifically mentioning Christmas. Seems that the Church thinks he’s copping out. But really, it doesn’t seem to matter what the man does, he’s destined to offend someone. If the cards had said “Merry Christmas”, the ACLU would have been on him like white on rice.

There are even some that object to the word “holiday”; it derives from “Holy Day”, and therefore is religious in origin. They suggest replacing it with “Winterval”. Give me a break!

Burt closes this week’s comments by saying:

This is a Christian nation, my friends. And all of us are fortunate it is one, and that so many Americans have seen fit to live up to the highest precepts of their religion. Speaking as a member of a minority group – and one of the smaller ones at that – I say it behooves those of us who don’t accept Jesus Christ as our savior to show some gratitude to those who do, and to start respecting the values and traditions of the overwhelming majority of our fellow citizens, just as we keep insisting that they respect ours.

Whatever you celebrate this December, even if you celebrate nothing, I ask that you be tolerant of what others are doing as well. And that means not being offended if it’s different from you.

Merry Christmas To All