I saw a little blurb on the news the other morning while I was getting ready for work that indicated a connection between the Korean dish Kimchi (also spelled Kimchee) and the dreaded bird flu. It’s a positive connection, though. Apparently, a group of scientists in (where else) Seoul, South Korea have determined that Kimchi may actually help cure bird flu, at least in birds. They fed Kimchi to 13 birds suffering from the flu, and 11 of them showed signs of recovery.

Kimchi is much like what we Americans call sauerkraut. It is made by fermenting cabbage with red peppers, radishes and a lot of garlic and ginger. I’ve never had the pleasure of actually tasting it, but I understand that it will, uh, clear your sinuses, if nothing else.

Whether Kimchi or sauerkraut actually cures or prevents bird flu, in birds or in humans. remains to be proven. However, there is compelling evidence that eating cabbage (raw or nearly raw/pickled) does reduce the risk of some cancers, especially breast cancer.

The news resulted in an 850% spike in sauerkraut sales in the Twin Cities (Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) after it hit the airwaves there. Sauerkraut sells for about 89 cents a can; if it does prevent or cure bird flu, that’s quite a bargain. And besides, it’s great on a hot dog.

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Merry Christmas,
Morning Glory