A Johnston County man was hauled into court yesterday, charged with disorderly conduct, for cussing at his mule in public during Benson’s annual “Mule Days” festival last September.

Chris Lutterloah, a horse trainer from Rocky Point, defended himself ‘pro se’ in Judge Andy Corbett’s courtroom. He called witnesses, brought charts and graphs, and apologized for his mule’s behavior, which is what prompted his outburst.

I’ve been in Judge Corbett’s courtroom, as an observer, when he’s been on the Lee County leg of his circuit. He’s a fair judge who tolerates no shenanigans from those appearing before him. He found Mr. Lutterloah “Not Guilty”.

“That horse was hungry,” Corbett said later, explaining his verdict. “He [Mr. Lutterloah] was spurring him and trying to do all he could under the circumstances.”