I received the following e-mail today from Bill Graham, who is heading up the fight against the North Carolina Gas Tax Hike. At his request, I’d like to share it with all of you.

You’ve heard the expression you can run but you can’t hide. Well, we are not going to let the North Carolina Legislature hide from their gas tax increase.

This week, North Carolina Conservatives United is making a TV ad to broaden our reach. You can see it soon on Fox News and you can hear our new radio ad at stopthegastaxhike.com.

We’re over thirty-four thousand strong on our petition to repeal the gas tax increase, and the politicians keep coming up with creative excuses for why they need to keep it.

First, it was needed to keep the budget balanced. Then, the truth was revealed. The state is already collecting millions in unanticipated tax money this year-nearly $100 million in just the first first five months of the fiscal year. Their gas tax increase is gravy, even more extra cash.

Then, the tax and spenders said the higher taxes at the pump were for roads. That didn’t even pass the laugh test because they take more than $400 million out of the Highway Trust Fund every year to spend on anything but roads-more than they are spending to widen I-85, I-77 and Independence Boulevard in Charlotte with $100 million left over.

Next, some of the politicians tried to blame high gas prices on the oil companies. Of course, we ought to investigate if there is collusion. But the politicians can’t duck responsibility. Every six months when the oil companies raise the price, the politicians raise the tax. In fact, the Tax Foundation just reported the truly astounding fact that government gas taxes are twice oil company domestic profits. I encourage you to read their report, which I have posted at http://www.taxfoundation.org/news/show/1139.html.

Between now and the November election, we are going to keep the heat on the tax and spend crowd unless they repeal their gas tax increase. We can’t let them spend our economy down the drain. As I said in my radio ads, you’ve started a movement. Thanks for being involved and letting your voice be heard.

Please send this email to your friends. Ask them to sign our petition at www.stopthegastaxhike.com.

Bill Graham
North Carolina Conservatives United