Today is Monday, February 20, 2006.  It is the 51st day of the year, with 314 days remaining.

snowcrocus.jpgAre you tired of winter?  Ready for spring?  Then today is the day to do something about it.  Today is Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo-Day At high noon (local time) citizens are asked to go outdoors and yell “Hoodie-Hoo” to chase winter and make ready for spring, one month from now.

To help in your celebration of this important holiday, below are the Top 20 Ways to Combat Cabin Fever, according to

1)      order seeds from your favorite seed catalogs (even if you don’t garden at all; the very act of ordering seeds is as cathartic and wonderful as a placebo for migraines)

2)      sign up for yoga or other fitness classes at the nearest YMCA or local gym; again, it doesn’t matter if you attend, just the act of signing up and spending all that money will be a spiritual—and financial—awakening to prepare you for transition from cabin to spring fever

3)      start spring housecleaning with a frenzied, possibly organized, zeal; remember that April 7th heralds another Wellcat Holiday: No Housework Day, and now is the time to get into training to avoid future guilt

4)      schedule a cruise to an exotic island, just in time for hurricane season

5)      file your taxes early this year

6)      book a weekend in Cape May prior to first day of spring (March 20) and promise to swim a quarter mile in the Atlantic, regardless of water temperature (break promise as soon as toes touch the tide, of course)

7)      offer to dig all dandelion out of neighbor’s yards as soon as first green shoots appear; charge minimum wage, if you wish; then turn around and sell same greens at highest market rate, along with tips on how to use dandelion for spring elixir, purgative, and fine home made wine

8)      begin writing your memoirs, preferably using number 2 lead pencil on yellow legal pad or in specially bound, expensive journal

9)      check for ticks and fleas—it’s never too soon

10)  memorize all important dates remaining on your personal calendar for the year; this is not only a practical way of keeping track of social commitments, it’s a good mental exercise to ward off potential memory loss

11)  climb up on roof and clean out rain gutters, even if they are frozen; the simple act of elevating your body above ground level will no doubt be inspiring

12)  plan at least one time a week to introduce yourself to a neighbor or co-worker you’ve seen every day for years but have never spoken to

13)  experiment with sending the wrong checks to all the new conglomerates and see if they’ll notice that you’ve sent your phone bill to the cable company or paid your electric bill via a different bank (if you’ve figured out which newly merged company is the one you meant to be dealing with, please let us know, we’re still trying to figure it out!)

14)  celebrate various Wellcat Holidays as soon as possible, regardless of when they appear on our annual calendar (Bathtub Party Day, for example, is not just for December 5th; nor is Answer Your Cat’s Day or Lips Appreciation Day cast in stone on any calendar)

15)  take your life’s savings—or a big chunk of it—and go to local health food or herb or drug store and buy everything you’ve read about in Prevention Magazine; even if you only use some of the purchased items, just as with all the above suggestions, the very thought of doing something good means you’ve taken a step forward in combating cabin fever

16)  connect with a new spiritual or social experience: go to a palm reader, take your spouse to a swinging singles club, read a book on Celtic & Druidic rituals, attend a pow wow, make your own set of runes, find a favorite incense to burn

17)  go to Goodwill or a flea market and buy a new piece of furniture, even if it’s truly ugly or lacks function; you can always give it away or sell it during your next garage sale

18)  read Chase’s Annual Events cover to cover—aloud—in place of watching your favorite tv show one night each week

19)  set your clocks ahead early, then keep reminding yourself that you’re simply one hour off from the rest of the world

20)  adopt one new habit, even if it annoys family and friends (promise yourself to break same habit before spring actually arrives)