Today is Wednesday, March 1, 2006. It is the 59th day of the year, with 305 days remaining.

March 1, 2006 is also:

  • Ash Wednesday
    Anniversary – Land Mine Ban
    First Day of Lent (03/01-04/15 – Christian)
    National Pig Day
    Peace Corps Day
    Plan a Solo Vacation Day
    Refired, Not Retired Day
    Stop the Bad Service Day
    Admission Day (Nebraska)
    Admission Day (Ohio)
    Beer Day (Iceland)
    Independence Day (Bosnia/Herzegovina)
    St. David’s Day (Wales)

My favorite of these is “Stop the Bad Service Day” (well, Beer Day is up there on the list, too). But anyway, if you’re as disheartened as I about the decline in customer service, check out

In their own words:

  • We are a consumer advocacy site focused on improving the face of customer service. This movement is powered by over one million consumers who are angry about bad service.
  • We demand high quality, prompt, human customer support, by friendly, qualified people who we can understand, and who can handle our call without putting us on hold or transferring us again and again.
  • We will reward companies with good service by buying more products and services from them, and telling our friends and families about them.
  • We will punish companies with bad service by cancelling our accounts with them and instead using one of their competitors who has better service.

The recent launch of this website was first covered by Bruce Mohl of the Boston Globe.