03-SpeedLimit55.jpgWe all know an area of roadway where traveling the “posted” speed limit would seriously hamper the flow of traffic. A group of Georgia Tech students set out to demonstrate that the posted speed limit on the Perimeter (I-285 around Atlanta), which is 55 MPH, is both (a) ridiculously low and (b) not observed.

To accomplish this, the students got into their separate vehicles and drove along a section of I-285 at a lawful 55 MPH in such a manner that they effectively blocked all four lanes of traffic, thereby forcing those behind them to also drive at 55 MPH. The results are worthy of film. Fortunately, the students in this case are film students, and they filmed the entire thing. The title of the film is An extraordinary act of public obedience: A meditation on the speed limit and the Perimeter

55: A Meditation on the Speed Limit

I heard a rumor that the group was issued a warning about obstructing traffic, but I haven’t been able to verify that. If they were, does that mean the next time they get pulled over for speeding they can say that the cops told them to NOT obey the speed limit?