fronttag.jpgIn North Carolina, our state issues only one tag per automobile, which is to be placed on the back. This leaves the front for whatever the owner wants to put there (or nothing at all). At left is the tag that’s on the front of my car.
In this week’s article, It’s Time To Forget September 11th, Jonathan David Morris tells us why he thinks it’s time for us to forget.

This place we call “post-9/11 America”—it’s not the same place I grew up in. This isn’t the land of the free and the home of the brave. A free people would fear doing business with no one. And a people committed to free enterprise would seek to do business with everyone—Arabs included. The ports scandal isn’t about national security. It’s about the new and unimproved America. The country that wants fences on its borders. The land where the free want protection from outsourced jobs.

He refers, of course, to the Dubai Ports World deal and our reaction to it. But he also brings up other issues, other “reactions” to 9/11 that have served only to hold us back as a country.

Post-9/11 America doesn’t think it can compete with the rest of the planet. It doesn’t believe in the products it’s selling. And it doesn’t believe in its own ideals.

Our obsession with 9/11 has caused us to distrust the entire world. It has eroded our confidence to the point where the terrorists win, in that they have held us back from being who we once were.

Look around, and you’ll find the only thing America’s confident in anymore is its military. Take that away—take the pageantry, the yellow ribbons, and the thanks to “our men and women serving abroad” before sporting events—and it’s clear that we think we have nothing to offer. We’ve grown soft in the era of get-rich-quick McDonald’s lawsuits. Our culture is vacuous, and our belief in it is missing. Even the best stuff we have—like our colleges—are too busy being reviled to be respected and enjoyed.

And, he proposes a way to fix it:

It’s time to pack our bags and move out of here—time to get out of post-9/11 America, and time to return to our senses. Americans need to believe in themselves again. We need to get back to business. This country didn’t become great because of some abstract freedom imposed by an army. It became great because of the tangible things inspired by our zeal to be free. If the country that gave the world electricity, light bulbs, telephones, airplanes, moon landings, and cyberspace needs a fence on its border and a pledge to “buy American,” then that country can’t compete with the world anymore, because that country’s not dreaming the American dream.

On September 12, 2001, I wrote of the folks who attacked us: “screw their women, screw their children, screw every last one of them.” I don’t regret writing that, because I believed it back then. Most of us did. But for God’s sake, it’s time to move on now. Screw September 11th. Screw being attacked. Screw going to war. Screw anything that gets in the way of the peace and prosperity once synonymous with our name.

If we’re a free people, if we believe in free enterprise—let’s prove it. If we want our enemies to embrace our way of life, let’s embrace it ourselves. Let’s do business with Dubai. Let’s do business with Cuba. Let’s welcome a little competition from China and India. And let’s “buy American” because it’s better—not because it’s ours.

Let’s open the markets and open the borders. Make America more free, not less.

Maybe he’s right.  Maybe it’s time to take America back from those who would frighten us into forgetting who we are.  We are Americans.  They can’t take that away from us.