Picture this: It's four o'clock in the morning, and you wake up to a rather insistent bladder urging you to head for the bathroom, toute suite, chop-chop, as in NOW. You stumble in, in the dark, and your bare feet land on very cold, very wet carpeting several feet in front of the commode. The carpet is completely saturated. Source: unknown.

This was my "wake up call" this morning. I have no idea the source of the leak. It seems to be coming from under the commode. Owing to some rocket scientist-type deciding that the bathroom was a good place to put wall-to-wall carpeting, I really can't tell. I've been threatening to pull that carpeting up since I bought the house nearly 5 years ago. Looks like today is the day, because there just won't be any way to find the source of the leak as long as the carpet is there absorbing it.

Not exactly my idea of a "day off" from work, but I guess it will have to do. Maybe I can fix this myself, and not have to call in a $$$ plumber $$$. Check back later for updates.