Do you have a preference for how your remains are “disposed of”
after your death?  What do you want, and why?  Have you made your
preference known to your loved ones, and/or left a legal document
stating your preference?  Have you had any resistance from your loved
ones because of your preference?  A bunch of questions, I know, but I’m
very interested in what you all have to say.

I’ve made it clear to my family both verbally and in writing that I
want to be cremated.  The idea of being buried in the ground with worms
and such, trapped in a box, really upsets me.  I know I’ll be dead.  It
doesn’t matter.  My family knows that if they bury me in the ground,
I’ll come back and haunt them.

FWIW, I’ve requested that my ashes be scattered into my flower
garden.  I’ve recently learned that there may be an “environmental”
issue with this.  I don’t want to be put in an urn on the mantle, or
anywhere else for that matter.  When I’m gone, I want to be gone. 

If my ashes can’t be scattered in the garden, my second choice would be
to have them loaded into shotgun shells and used for target practice (thanks for the idea, Jason). 
At sea, if necessary, to avoid any ground contamination issues.  Maybe
somewhere in the Caribbean, where it’s warm all the time.  Pay for it
out of my estate.