The Other Side of Kim invited us to play a game. Go to Wikipedia and enter your birthday (month and day only, no year). From the results, list three interesting events, two births and one death that occurred on your birthday. Post the results to your blog, or if you don’t have a blog, post them here in the comments. Or do like I did, and list them in both places.

Here’s mine, for March 29:

1865 – American Civil War: Battle of Appomattox Court House begins.

1911 – The M1911 semi-automatic handgun designed by John Browning becomes the standard-issue handgun in the United States Army, and is subsequently widely used in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War.

1961 – The Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution is ratified, allowing residents of Washington, DC to vote in presidential elections.

cy_young_pitching.jpg 1867 – Cy Young, baseball player (d. 1955)

Samwalton.jpg 1918 – Sam Walton, American businessman (d. 1992)

shackletongroup.jpg 1912 – All Members of the Scott Expedition to the South Pole:
* Henry Robinson Bowers (b. 1883)
* Edgar Evans, Welsh naval officer (b. 1876)
* Lawrence Oates, English army officer (b. 1880)
* Sir Robert Falcon Scott, English explorer (b. 1868)
* Edward Adrian Wilson, English physician and naturalist (b. 1872)

If you want to make it more challenging, confine the list to your own lifetime, or disqualify anything from your own lifetime. Only one item I listed actually occurred since I was born in 1958. Wikipedia didn’t list anything in any category for the year I was born.