Randy Cassingham's Honorary Unsubscribe Recognizes the Unknown, the Forgotten and the Obscure People who Had an Impact on Our Lives.

This feature started upon the death of Jack Lord.  Randy felt that his death was not properly reported in the media, and so chose to honor him at his website.  The feature was an instant hit, and now he weekly honors someone who's life had an impact on us all, but who's death went largely unnoticed.  Past honorees include:

as well as dozens of others.  Check out the link for the past honorees; read on for this week's feature.

THIS WEEK'S HONORARY UNSUBSCRIBE goes to Tom Ferguson. A Yale-educated medical doctor, Ferguson decided to work in medical education, rather  than practice. ("I've saved hundreds of lives by not practicing  clinical medicine," he liked to say.) He was the health and medical editor of the best-selling "Whole Earth Catalog", then established the  journal "Medical Self Care", then the newsletter "The Ferguson Report:  The Newsletter of Consumer Health Informatics and Online Health". He  also wrote books — more than a dozen. His consistent theme: mainstream  medicine shouldn't be ignored, but  neither should alternative  approaches. Rather, he argued, patients should consider any good  information they can lay their hands on, including the Internet, to  understand their health and the potential treatments available for their conditions. When he contracted multiple myeloma (cancer of blood  plasma cells) in the early 1990s, he followed his own advice,  researching different approaches to his own treatment. "Being a doctor,  he was ahead of the game," his wife said. "He kept with the traditional  party line and did what doctors told him he should do, but tweaked their advice in his own way. He read widely, worked out his own doses  and was not afraid to experiment. He lived far longer than most people  with this disease do." He died April 14 at age 62..