In case anyone missed the speech Monday night, or if you want to get a different perspective on what was said, below are links to some analyses and backlash that have come about in the past 36 hours. Good reading.

Over at The Other Side, Kim du Toit discusses the President's immigration speech in the post titled What It Really Meant. Interesting perspective of a legal immigrant on what GWB said and what will probably actually get done.

Gunny John over at Jarhead's Firing Range has something to say about Mexico's response to the speech. Seems El Presidente Fox is not happy with us.

Over at Sanitiy's Bluff, Web_Loafer discusses his perception of Amnesty for the Invading Hoardes.

Cap'n Jim at Smoke on the Water tells what he liked and what he didn't like about the Seventeen Minutes speech.   It sure is good to have Jim back in the blog world.