I stole this idea from Simon Peter over at Upright and Breathing.

The idea is to go over to Google, or Yahoo, or the search engine of your choice, and type the phrase “yourname wants” – just to see what will pop up.

For “Morning Glory wants”, I got:

Morning Glory wants to continue in the “scoop” building business.  I have no idea what this might be referring to.  I don’t know how to build a “scoop”.

Morning Glory wants her to finished her elementary school project.  I have no idea who “her” is, but whoever she is, I strongly urge her to finish her project, toute suite.

Morning Glory wants to hire them to design more notepads with bad poetry.  Why would I want that?  I don’t like “bad poetry”.  If it did, I wouldn’t consider it “bad”, now would I?  

I got even more hits using my real name …