Talk about your illegal Mexicans. When did we start using Hispanic names for hurricanes?

ernesto.jpgThe map at the left shows the currently predicted track for Ernesto – putting him right over top of Raleigh on Friday. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t care, since by then it’s not likely he’ll do anything much more than rain. The forecasts say we’re going to get rain this weekend even if Ernesto turns out to sea, ’cause there’s a cold front heading this way anyway.

What worries me is that there will be delays/cancellations at the Raleigh airport. My daughter is coming home on a 4-day pass, and I’ve been SOOOOO looking forward to seeing her. She’s supposed to land in Raleigh … you guessed it … Friday afternoon. If her trip gets screwed up over this stupid storm, I’m going to be one seriously unhappy camper.