tgif.jpgI’ve recently started doing a large share of the bookkeeping where I work. Years ago, I was a full-time bookkeeper (I love that word – 3 sets of double letters right in a row – but, I digress). Now, it’s a half-time thing, since we’re such a small company.

Anyway, one of the things I’m doing now is paying the company’s bills. This requires me to print checks.

The trickiest part of printing checks is remembering how to load the check forms into the printer. To assist me with this difficult task, I printed a file folder label and stuck it on the front of the printer. It says:






This is because the printer actually turns the paper over before it starts printing, and it prints the last check first and the first check last, so that when they stack face-up on the collection tray, the first check will be the one on top. But folks have questioned the “TGIF” part of my reminder.

Thank God It’s Friday? What does that have to do with anything? Do you not print checks on any day but Friday?

Actually, TGIF stands for “Top Goes In First”. Otherwise, the checks will print upside-down.

Now you know.