Ever been to a Flea Market?  How about a Snot Fair?

Here’s one for the “Snot Fair” category…

house.jpgFor several years (7 and counting), my sister and I have had a Tuesday Night Ritual.  She comes to my house for dinner (without kids, grandkids, pets, etc.).  We eat a leisurely supper, and settle in to watch Gilmore Girls at 8:00.  For thegg121.jpg past two years, we have followed this up with House, at 9:00.  We thoroughly enjoy both shows.  I can honestly say that these are the only two shows on television that I almost never miss.  Something pretty drastic has to happen in order for me to not be in front of the tube on Tuesday nights.

Beginning tonight, House has been moved to 8:00.  Opposite Gilmore Girls.  SNOT FAIR!

I intend to record House while we watch Gilmore Girls, then at 9:00 we’ll watch the tape of House.  But it really frosts my cookies to have to do this.  Alas, this is the final season of Gilmore Girls anyway, so starting next season we’ll be able to watch House as it’s aired.