It seems that the House is currently debating a bill that would outlaw the sale of horsemeat for food in the the United States.

How is this a function of the Federal Government? I suppose, in a stretch, one could make a case for “regulating interstate commerce”. On the other hand, if I own a horse and I decide to sell it for food, or slaughter it and eat it myself, how is that the government’s business?

Personally, I would not be comfortable eating meat that I knew to be horsemeat. This is a purely emotional response on my part — I consider horses to be companion animals, much like dogs and cats, and I don’t eat my friends.

Intellectually I understand that many, many people eat, and thrive on, horsemeat, dog, cat, and other animal flesh that I wouldn’t consider to be food. According to this article, many of the nation’s largest veterinary and equine associations are lobbying against this bill.

This is nothing more than a case of animal rights wackos infringing on others’ rights to do what they want with their own property. It is often in the best interest of the animal to have it put down, rather than allow it to die a natural death of old age; the wackos behind this bill think that we should keep these animals alive even if they are old, infirm or in pain. They say it’s not humane to put them down; I say it’s not humane to keep them alive.

Bottom line … horses are personal property. To disallow their slaughter for food is an infringement on property rights. This bill should not be allowed to pass.