mrmonopoly.gifHasbro(tm) has just unveiled a new Monopoly(tm) game, called Here & Now, designed to bring the old classic into the 21st Century.

Instead of the old Atlantic City streets, the real estate for sale includes Jacobs Field in Cleveland (replacing Meditterranean Ave in the “slums”) for $600,000; the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia for $1,600,000; and Disney World-Orlando for $2,400,000. In the place of honor, we have New York’s Times Square replacing Boardwalk for the low-low-everyday price of just $4,000,000. (This property rents, with a hotel, for $20 Million)

Instead of the Reading, B&O, Pennsylvania and Short Line Railroads, players can now purchase major airports: LAX in Los Angeles; JFK in New York; O’Hare in Chicago; and Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta. The price: $2,000,000 each. The utilities (Water Works and the Electric Company) have been replaced with Cell Phone Service and Internet Access.

Monopoly: Here & Now hit the toystore shelves last weekend. It retails for $29.95.