grammarpolice.jpgSince I let last Tuesday (National Talk Like A Pirate Day – Arr!) pass without comment, I feel compelled to point out to you, my readers, that today is National Punctuation Day – a day I will henceforth hold near and dear to my heart as a self-proclaimed member of the Grammar Police.  I’ve never had the opportunity to celebrate this day in the past, as this is it’s first observation.

In the words of the Day’s founder, Jeff Rubin,

“Successful people have good communication skills, and that includes knowing how to write properly,” Jeff says. “Punctuation counts. A misplaced comma can alter the meaning of a message.”

It’s not just school children who need to learn the do’s and don’ts of punctuation.

“I’m stunned at how many executives and CEOs send me articles and correspondence that are poorly written and punctuated,” Jeff says. “Did they miss a year of school? I read ad copy and see billboards that scream to be corrected. Poor punctuation knows no sociological boundaries — everyone from high school dropouts to Ph.D.s needs help with punctuation.”

My new favorite holiday.