I’m driving home from work yesterday, sitting at a traffic light on Western Boulevard in Raleigh. This thoroughfare runs right in front of NC State University, bastion of the “liberal is right” and “Bush is a Dumbass” crowd, when I saw it.

A silver-grey Chevy van, in the next lane over, bearing the required bumper sticker that said “Bush is a Dumbass”. But that’s not the one that initially caught my eye. Nor was it the “Free Tibet” sticker, or even the “Kerry/Edwards ’04” sticker.

Placed prominently in the exact center below the rear window, directly under the “third brakelight” was this one:


Now, I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and that they have the right to express that opinion in whatever way they see fit. But to publicly display their arrogance and ignorance by stating same with a gramatically incorrect bumper sticker accusing their opposition of arrogance and ignorance is going too far. I had to laugh out loud.

Thanks to the driver for my afternoon chuckle. You prove my point …