Shoulder Sleeve Insignia of the United States Army 2d Cavalry RegimentDistinctive Unit Insignia of the United States Army 2d Cavalry RegimentMy daughter called last night to let me know that she’s received her orders for after A.I.T. (she graduates from A.I.T. on Nov. 9). She’s to go to Vilseck, Germany and be attached to the MI Division of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. She’s pretty excited, even though she’s aware that she will most likely be deployed to The Sandbox in short order. She will have 30 days between graduation and having to report for duty in Germany; since she doesn’t have 30 days of leave available, she plans to spend some of that driving cross-country (with a friend) from Arizona to North Carolina. If the dates work out, she may be home for Thanksgiving. She won’t be home for Christmas this year. After about 2 weeks at home, she’ll go ahead to Vilseck.
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2d Cavalry Regiment
2d CR Coat Of Arms
Active: May 23, 1836-Present.
Country: USA
Branch: Regular Army
Command structure: USARS
Garrison/HQ: USMA, Fort Polk, Fort Hood, Katterbach, Germany, Vilseck, Germany
Current commander: COL John S. Riscassi
Notable commanders: Albert Sidney Johnston
Culture and history
Motto: Toujours Prêt (Always Ready)
Notable battles or wars: Battle of 73 Easting