i-voted.jpgAnother Election Day has come and gone.  I had the dubious distinction of being the first person in my voting district to cast a ballot yesterday, as I stopped to vote on my way to work and actually had to wait for the polls to open.

Some of my candidates prevailed. Congratulations to Tracy Carter, our new Sheriff, who won by a whopping 137 votes (in a county where just slightly more than 12,000 people voted). His opponent ran a good race, without the usual mud-slinging that we see so much of these days. It was very close.

Some of my candidates will have to try again next time. Life goes on.

I was very disappointed in my western NC brethren, who failed to re-elect Charles Taylor to the U.S. House of Representatives. He’s been doing a great job up until now; I think his defeat is a great loss to our representation in Congress.

Likewise, I’m sorry to see that Tim McNeil did not prevail in his bid for N.C. House. His presence would have brought some much-need fresh thinking to the table, especially his positions on law enforcement and illegal immigration.

C’est la vie. We’ll do better in ’08.