From Paw Paw’s House, I went to a link that allows you to create a map showing all the states you’ve visited. My map is below. The red is the states to which I’ve been, and the white is the ones where I need to go. The red stripe west of the Mississippi is the result of a road trip from Washington (where I was born) to New Jersey (where I grew up), that took place back in 1960. I remember nothing of the trip, having been very, very young at the time. Anything east of the Mississippi, I’ve done more than just drive through. I didn’t even count California as the only time I was there was to refuel on the way to Hawaii, and I didn’t even get off the plane.

create your own personalized map of the USA

UPDATE 12/07/06 – Here’s the Canadian Provinces I’ve visited:

create your own personalized map of Canada

And here’s where else in the world I’ve been:

create your own visited country map