stayingsmokefree.jpgIt’s been 118 hours now since my last cigarette.  That’s just 2 hours short of 5 days.

No, I’m not sitting around counting the hours; I had to get out a calculator to figure it out for this post.  I’m truly amazed at how easy this has been for me.  The shots promised to end the physical cravings, and they have.  The folks at the clinic gave me some behavior modification techniques to help overcome the “habit” part of smoking.  The one that has been most useful to me is a big green rubber band that fits loosely around my wrist.  Whenever I find myself reaching for a cigarette (like when I’m on the phone, or sitting chatting with someone over a beer or a cup of coffee), I toy with the rubber band instead.  It keeps my hands busy, and the craving passes in less than a minute.

I thinkI’m going to make it this time!