halfmastflag.jpgWhile out driving this evening, my son and I passed a building in front of which the American flag was flying at half-staff, in honor of former President Gerald Ford.  On separate flagpoles, the North Carolina state flag and the business’ corporate flag were flying at full staff.

In light of the rule that no flag should be displayed higher than the American flag, should the state flag and the corporate flag not also be lowered to half-staff?  I’ve googled flag etiquette and reviewed the information on several very good sites, but none of them addressed this particular question.

Do any of you know the correct answer?

I also found the following little tidbit that I thought some of you might find useful:

Flying the flag at half staff on a home wall mounted flagpole kit or indoor flag staff.

While there is no official citation for this, over time it has become an accepted practice to use a “Mourning ribbon” on home flag staffs where the flag cannot be lowered. Typically, the ribbon is purple or purple and black, and is attached to the pole at the top of the flag. The mourning ribbon is usually 2′ – 3′ in length x 2″ – 4″ wide. It can be made of any material, although nylon will hold up to the weather.