Seems that one of my readers has posted a link to my “drug test for welfare checks” post. Readers over there think that this isn’t such a good idea. In the interest of full disclosure, read what they have to say.

I disagree completely.

Guilty until proven innocent? Well, asking ANYONE to take a urine test to get work is “guilty until proven innocent”. So is being asked to walk through a metal detector at the airport or the courthouse, but I’m damned glad that they do it!

The jobs they apply for don’t require a urine test? If they’d apply for (and keep) a job, they wouldn’t need welfare. In my experience, the prevailing reason these folks can’t keep a job is poor attendance/poor performance, which in many, many cases can be directly linked to substance abuse. I realize that many “users” hold jobs — some of them good paying jobs. They’re the exception, not the rule. The folks I’m trying to weed out here are the ones who are spending their welfare check (my hard-earned money) to support a drug habit, while their kids are going hungry.