I’ve been experimenting with my camera again. I thought I’d share with you. These are just the thumbnails, but if you click on them you can see the larger version. None of them have been edited.

These first two are close-up shots of some flowers, just to see how they’d come out. I’m amazed at the detail – you can’t see the imperfections when you just stand and look at them, but they’re so obvious in the photos.

img_0067.jpg img_0068.jpg

My sister has a horse named Joy. Try as I might, I couldn’t get her to hold still long enough to get her whole head in the shot. I’d line it up, press the shutter, and there’s a 2 or 3 second delay before the picture snaps. Inevitably, she’d move her head during the delay.

img_0069.jpg img_0070.jpg img_0071.jpg

My nephew Corey is an Army JROTC Cadet at Lee Senior High School. Last night was the Military Ball. He and his buddies got dates, rented a limo, and did it up right. Here’s a few shots of them before they left the house. [GUYS NOTE: Both of these young ladies are underage, so keep your comments civil, okay?]

img_0073.jpg img_0074.jpg img_0077.jpg img_0075.jpg img_0079.jpg img_0081.jpg img_0082.jpg

That’s all folks!.  Any of you photographers out there who might have some helpful suggestions, please speak up!