I’ve wanted a motorcycle for years. Yesterday, I actually took the first step and went to Honda-Suzuki of Sanford, and looked at the offerings. I found this:


Pretty sweet, huh? It’s a 2006 Suzuki model S40 Cruiser. Since it’s one of last year’s leftovers, they will discount it, just to get it out of inventory. I have some legwork to do first, like taking the Basic Rider Course at my local Community College (I’m hoping to get in to the May 19th-20th class); studying for the written test to get a motorcycle endorsement on my driver’s license; checking out a few other dealerships for competitive pricing; calling my insurance company and finding out what coverage will cost me; buying some boots; and I’m sure a bunch of other stuff I haven’t thought of yet. I’m psyched. Or maybe I’m psycho. Whichever, I think I’m going to take the plunge.