Jeffro, a loyal reader in Kansas, sent me this link to pictures of the devastation in Greensberg, KS from not one, but TWO nights of tornados.

Here are about 50 photos of Greensburg, a county seat of about 15 0r1800 people. Yesterday May 5 all TV on the 3 network station about 9 pm, till 3 am when I went to bed, had nothing on but their storm chasers. This evening it started at about 6 pm. One just missed Great Bend, now another is approaching. So far no damage has been reported. As far as I know no one has claimed credit for the nasty one yesterday, neither the Republicans, the Democrats or Al Qaeda. But I am sure that Bush will get the blame.

Apparently the only thing that has not been trashed is the court house basement and the grain elevator. I couldn’t believe it but the water tower went down. I heard that the bodies found were not under debris but had been blown out in the open. Last night one reporter, via satellite telephone, reported that the implement dealers combines had been rolled. Unbelievable!!

Everyone has been moved to the school gyms in nearby towns. FEMA may be there tomorrow. I wonder if they will shoot anyone that returns and tries to salvage their property. It is reported that anyone found in town after 9 pm tonight will be arrested. Highway 54, one of the most heavily traveled in Kansas, goes through the town.

Strange, but the storms tonight are following nearly the same path as the ones last night.

We all need to keep these folks in our thoughts and prayers. I’m sure any help we can send their way will be appreciated, as well.