Just when you think it’s safe to go back into the water, someone comes up with a new killer phish.


One of my co-workers got nailed this morning, and fell face-first into the Trojan horse going around called “kardphisher”. She will be spending the next few days contacting credit bureaus, credit card fraud departments, etc.

PLEASE don’t give out your credit card information to anyone that you didn’t approach in order to purchase something. If anyone, anywhere, ever asks you for your credit card or bank account number, if you didn’t initiate the transaction, DO NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, give it to them.

I shop the internet all the time. I enter my credit card/debit card info into websites regularly. This is generally safe, because I approached them and asked to be allowed to purchase something.

Not so if someone approaches me, and says they need my information to “activate” or “confirm” my account.

The link below is for an excellent article regarding Kardphisher. If you Google “kardphisher”, there are several others that are worth reading.

CIO.com – Business Technology Leadership – ‘Kardphisher’ Trojan Impersonates Windows Activation to Steal Data