I was reading View From the Porch and saw the following comment to this post,  posted by someone calling himself Gringo_Malo.  He makes some interesting points.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to be president in the next term. The leading edge of the Baby Boom generation turns 65 in 2011, thereby becoming eligible for Medicare and full Social Security benefits. If our next prez tries to actually pay for all this by rasing taxes and/or cutting benefits, he’ll be less popular than Jorge Arbusto is now. If he lets the Ponzi schemes run as before and tries to monetize the costs, he’ll risk a financial meltdown. (I can’t imagine that the foreigners who sell us all our oil and Wal-mart goodies are going to accept unlimited amounts of Monopoly money, can you?) I suppose that somebody’s got to fill the job, but nobody who really wants it has two brain cells to rub together.

As for me, you couldn’t pay me enough to take the job.  I, too, am pulling for Fred.  The fact that he’s not yet agreed to run solidifies my preference – it shows he’s got more than two brain cells!