Playing with the digital camera and learning some new tricks with editing software. Bumblebee-In-A-Bubble

I call this one “Bumblebee-In-A-Bubble“. The bee was the real subject of the picture, not the flowers. Taken on my back deck yesterday morning; the “bubble” effect was added later using GIMP photo-editing software.


This one I call “Water-In-Motion“. The rings on the sprinkler spin in opposite directions. It’s really pretty to watch, especially when the sun is shining. But then, I’m easily amused. Taken with a zoom lens, so I didn’t get wet!Dusty

Straight-up, point-and-click, no zoom, not edited, taken in late afternoon shadow.

Still Life on Deck

I didn’t mean to take this one. I was fooling with the camera settings and snapped this shot by accident. Why don’t the ones I mean to take come out this sharp?