I spent Sunday afternoon hanging out at my sister’s pool. I love the gardens she’s spent years designing and reworking. She’s created such a peaceful oasis around her deck that even the addition of a bunch of teenagers doesn’t spoil the tranquil feeling. All of these shots were taken from my deck chair, with varying degrees of zoom.
Well-house garden
The garden behind the wellhouse.

Wellhouse Close Up

Same garden, tighter shot. The Japanese red maple is a new addition, to replace a tree that was (if I remember correctly) damaged in a hurricane. Up until last year, this was a “shade garden” filled with hostas, columbine, and ferns. Now it’s been filled with sun lovers like black-eyed susans, million bells, and gerbera daisies, and all the shade plants have been moved around to the front yard under a pecan tree.

Lilies and African Daisies
Million bells, Stella D’Oro lilies, oxalis and African Daisies in an adjacent garden.


Bluebird on a branch. This guy did not want to have his picture taken. Out of seven tries, this was the best I could do.

Poolside with Zeke

Little Sister and her Big Dog. Check out the view behind them – how could you not be relaxed in that setting?


This is our step-dad, affectionately known as Pop. He built the deck, and maintains the lawn, and is always there when help is needed with the mechanical aspects of the pool filter and pump, but he rarely takes advantage of the relaxation potential that he’s created for the rest of us. He’s not happy if he’s not doing something.

Kelsey and Kimmy

Kelsey and Kimberly in the pool. Kimberly (the one with her hands in front of her face) is my camera-shy niece; Kelsey is a long-time friend.