Or forgotten, as the case may be. How many US presidents can you name in 10 minutes? They don’t have to be in order, and all you need remember is their last names. Oh, and how to spell them.

I was able to come up with thirty-three within three minutes. (The first five, and all but two that served in the 20th-21st Centuries – 10 of whom were in my lifetime – plus a few notables from the 19th Century)

Two more minutes garnered one more (19th Century) name. I let the clock run out, but was unable to come up with any of the remaining nine.

There were actually three presidents in office in 1881 alone, and I forgot all three of them! (HINT – the first was in office at the beginning of the year, but left when his successor took office in late January. The second was assassinated later the same year, which put the third into office.)  The same is true of 1841, except the death was due to natural causes, not assassination.

Of the four that were assassinated while in office, I was only able to remember two.

Be ready to start as soon as you click the link. Just type the last names into the box, and the chart will be filled in for you.

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H/T to El Capitan for the link!