jerrynew.gifI don’t know how many of my readers are familiar with Jerry Doyle. Jerry is a conservative radio talk-show host based in California. He is also a former Congressional candidate (alas, not the winner), and for several years he played the part of Michael Garibaldi on the sci-fi neo-classic Babylon Five.

Although Jerry is probably unaware of it (having been a cool senior when I was an especially nerdy sophomore), we went to Pope John XXIII High School together in Sparta, New Jersey. That was back in 1974, when Jerry was known as “Master of the Mach” (he drove a really, really cool yellow Mustang), and he had hair. Lots and lots of hair. I have yearbook pictures.

This post, however, is less about Jerry and more about Jerry’s plan, which he calls Jerry Doyle’s Legal Immigration 10 Commandments. They are listed below the fold, and on his website, for your review and comment.

Jerry Doyle’s

Legal Immigration

10 Commandments

  1. If you enter the United States of America illegally or overstay your visa, you will never be eligible to become a citizen of the US. No exceptions.
  2. If you hire someone who is illegal, you and / or your business will be fined $50,000.00 per employee. “Strict Liability” will be the legal standard.
  3. The policy of “anchor babies” is no longer the law. You are only eligible to be a citizen of the United States if you are born “of” a citizen of the United States of America.
  4. “Sanctuary cities and / or states” will receive no federal tax dollar revenue sharing or matching. Federal highway speed limit standards will be the template.
  5. “Sanctuary houses of worship”, in direct violation of US law, will lose their tax exempt status.
  6. Financial institutions, doing business in the United States, will be prohibited from offering and providing any incentive program(s), any discount loan(s), subsidized checking and / or savings account(s) or any “special” offer(s) to anyone in this country illegally.
  7. Public education, medical and dental services, housing, social services, food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, SSDI and any other US government program will be for the benefit of legal residents of the United States only.
  8. Any person(s), charitable organization(s), or business entity that harbors any illegal alien(s) will be automatically be charged with a federal offense and lose their citizenship.
  9. Guest worker visas will be issued on a 5 year trailing average of the aggregate number of visas issued with adjustments for projected GDP growth and / or contraction.
  10. English will be the only language used in the public workplace, public education, federal government offices and facilities, hospitals and related medical facilities and the federal court system. All voting for federal offices will be done in English only.