daylight-savings-time.jpgJust a reminder that Daylight Saving Time ends late this year; the clocks won’t change back to Standard Time until the first Sunday in November. Check out this post if you want a reminder of why they’re messing with a system that was already confusing at best because of the spotty participation both nationally and globally.

Does Iraq observe Daylight Saving Time? If so, when the clocks change my daughter will still be 8 hours ahead of me. If not, she’ll be 9 hours ahead of me. Or will it be 7 hours? I’m so confused. I think it’s nine. We fall back. So if it’s midnight here, it’s 8 AM there. When the clocks change here and not there, it will be 11 PM here but still be 8 AM there. That’s 9 hours. I think. But only if they don’t observe DST there. And I’m not sure if they do or not.

UPDATE: According to the map, Iraq does NOT observe DST. So the time difference between NC and Baghdad will jump to 9 hours after the clocks change. Right?