rapunzel.gif… let down your golden hair.

As all my regular readers know, my daughter is in the Army and currently serving in Iraq.

She was out on ground patrol over the weekend, something that the women are not called on to do very often. As usual, the local village children were following the patrol, wanting to touch and hold hands with the soldiers. Jean tells me that the children love the Americans.

They kept asking Jean to take her helmet off, so they could see her hair. I imagine that blond hair is a quite a novelty in their culture. Of course, she kept telling them that she couldn’t take off her helmet (blond hair also makes for a good target) until finally the sergeant that was in charge of the patrol asked her to please take it off for just a minute, so the kids would stop begging. She took the helmet off and got down so all the kids could touch her hair, to assure themselves that it was real.

As if the blond hair wasn’t unusual enough, Jean then took off her sunglasses, revealing her (IMHO beautiful) blue eyes. She said that engendered quite a reaction from the children, even more than the hair did!

SPECIAL NOTE TO JEAN: I outrank your sergeant, and anyone else that might be around. In the future, even if George W. Bush himself says otherwise, keep your helmet on when you’re on patrol! That is all.