… but this is one time where I have to agree.

Wal-Mart is currently marketing a T-shirt with the words

Some say it’s stalking, I call it love.

Actual stalking victims, as well as the N.C. Coalition Against Domestic Violence, find the T-shirt offensive.

Well, yeah.

An anonymous stalking victim here in North Carolina, after seeing the shirt in her local Wal-Mart, was quoted in the Raleigh News and Observer as saying

“It’s reprehensible,” said the woman, whose story is well documented but who asked not to be identified for fear that her stalker might retaliate.

“People don’t realize how serious stalking is,” she said. “You constantly live in fear, look over your shoulder and suffer from psychological and physical symptoms due to the stress of the stalker.”

She wondered aloud: What’s next?

“Some say it’s rape, I call it hot sex”? Or: “Some call it domestic violence, I say I’m just teaching her a lesson”?

To me, the T-shirts fuel a notion that stalking is a natural, even comical element, of young love. Typical teenage mooning. I doubt that the college students once stalked by the Virginia Tech shooter would view it as quite so harmless.

Wal-mart has been contacted by the Coalition, but at the time that the article was printed had not responded.