superman_emblem.jpgSuper Din-Din!

My niece, Renee, and her son live at Ft. Hood, TX while husband “Sgt. Fred” is serving his second tour in Iraq.  They went out yesterday and bought a Halloween costume.

Three-year-old Jonathan (who refers to himself as “Din-Din”) will be trick-or-treating as Superman this year.  Of course as soon as they got home from the store he wanted to try on his new costume.  Once Mom got him into it, he went out back and started flapping his arms while frantically running laps around the yard.  Then he came back inside, visibly upset, saying “Din-Din can’t do it”.

When Renee asked him what he couldn’t do, he explained that, as hard as he tried, he couldn’t fly, even WITH the Superman costume on.  He wanted her and her girlfriend to throw him up in the air, to see if that would help him take off.  Then he started jumping off the couch and chairs, hoping that would help.

Alas, Superman has been grounded.  He’s a determined (read: stubborn) little guy, but I don’t think he’s going to win this time.