The following story, from MyWay News, is enough to make a girl want to shoot something cry. Please tell me no one is foolish enough to turn in a $400 gun in exchange for a $100 gas card!

CLEVELAND (AP) – Armed residents can give up their guns and get gasoline cards worth $100 at the pump. The first 450 people who show up at Cleveland’s convention center Saturday and surrender a working handgun will receive a card.

Police, who will be at the center to ensure the guns are turned in safely, asked for the weapons to be brought in unloaded and in a clear plastic bag.

The city has recorded 119 homicides so far this year – the same number for all of 2006.

Gasoline prices have surged in recent weeks, with the statewide average for a gallon of regular gas at $3.07 last weekend, 25 cents more than Oct. 22.

I hope the people of Cleveland are aware enough to see this for what it is:  the Nanny State trying to bribe the peasantry into  giving up their rights.