My sister had her traditional Christmas Eve Open House last night.  Friends, family, food, and fellowship – a good time was had by all.

I fell down the step.

Notice that’s “step” singular, not “steps” plural.  There’s one step down from her kitchen to the back door, and I turned my ankle on it.  I landed on my knee (at about 150 MPH) so now I’m not sure which hurts worse – my right ankle or my left knee.

I thought about going to the emergency room for an X-ray of my ankle, but I’m pretty sure it’s just sprained.  It’s swollen a little (not a lot, really), but it’s not bruised or discolored at all, so I think I’ll be okay.  I don’t see much sense in dropping $150 (my ER Co-pay)  to have them tell me it’s sprained, stay off it, yada yada.

It’s 8:00 Christmas morning, and I have still one more gift to wrap.  Actually, it’s the first one I bought, back before Thanksgiving.   It’s a big box, and I’ve been procrastinating about wrapping it since I got it home.  I guess I’ll have to break down and wrap it this morning, before I take to Sis’ house for the gift exchange.  It will be wrapped for a grand total of about an hour.

Jean called me from Iraq in the middle of the night – somewhere around 2 AM here – to wish me a Merry Christmas.  She has to work today, and she wanted to call before she left the base to go out on a mission.  She and her friends had already done their gift exchange the night before, and they had a party/picnic/cookout.

My neice’s husband, Sgt. Fred, got home yesterday (Christmas Eve) to Ft. Hood, TX, after 15 months in Iraq, at about 1:30 in the afternoon.  She and their son are so happy to have him home for Christmas!

Well, that’s Christmas Morning at MorningGlory’s house.  I hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday.  I’m going to hobble into the kitchen and wrap that last gift now, then get dressed and head out.