Taken from Mary Hunt’s blog, Money Rules, Debt Stinks!, is the following story:

You are not going to believe what happened to the employees of State Bank & Trust at their recent employee Christmas Party.

Each full time employee received a $1,000 bonus and each part-timer, $500. But there were strings attached. They have to give it back. No, make it that they have to give it forward.

Employees must give the money away to someone in need or to some charitable effort that will get it to the best place possible.

Each employee also received a video camera with which to document their good deeds, cameras they can keep..

The rules are  simple: You cannot keep it yourself or give it to any family member or co-worker. Already the stories are coming for how the money is helping particularly needful situations this Christmas season.

So … imagine you just received $1,000 with the instruction that you must pay it forward before Christmas Day.

What would you do? Where would you “spend” that money?

So, what would you do with the money?