In conflict with North Carolina law, which allows firearms education in the public schools, a Wake County principal has canceled his school’s participation in a marksmanship tournament for which the school’s Rifle Team has been practicing and preparing for months. He did so with no notice to the team; the event will be over before they can appeal his decision. His reason? “Ammo and students don’t mix”.

Never mind that the school has participated in this same event for the past 22 years, along with close to 2,000 other middle and high school age shooters from across the state. Never mind that the decision conflicts with state law. Never mind that the event is sponsored by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission (a state agency) and supervised by adults who are certified in firearms safety.

The only part of this story that warmed my heart was learning that the team has been coached for the past 22 years by a woman: Janet Harris also teaches Hunter Education and is the advisor to the FFA club who sponsors the team. There are too few women shooters; having her in this position will (hopefully) encourage the female students to learn to shoot.

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