… couldn’t it be a Reagan Clone?  Does it have to be a clone of Jimmy Carter?

Jeffrey Lord, in yesterday’s “Political Hay”, points out that

With all of the sweep of American history to look back on, with virtual libraries of history recording what works and what doesn’t when running the American government, Obama has stunningly selected the Carter policies as his role model.

In the article titled Jimmy Carter’s Second Term, Lord asks

Is it possible that America really wants to return to those depressing days of gas lines and leisure suits? Of malaise and shock over the aggressiveness of America’s enemies? The days when the policies Obama is advocating raised unemployment rates, interest rates and inflation rates into the double digits? When America’s enemies looked the President of the United States in the eye — and found he really wanted to kiss them on the cheek?

From taxing “windfall profits” to downsizing the military, from attacking the 3-martini-lunch to raising the tax on Social Security benefits, Obama is a Carter clone.  And the last person we need in the White House.